The Paper Bag Princess

One day Princess Elizabeth who was always dressed in her fancy clothes gets a surprise when a dragon comes to her castle and not only burns her clothes, but kidnaps her Prince friend, Ronald. She goes and rescues Ronald, but he is very ungrateful when he sees what she is wearing and how she smells. Will they live happily ever after, or will Ronald’s snottiness pull them apart?

Visual Element: Color. The use of color in this story is well place to the point where the main focus is always Elizabeth, even with the contrasting dragon

Evaluative Criteria: Illustrations. The illustrations. The illustrations and the color set the mood quite well and makes the story visually appealing.

Lesson Plans:

Book Trailer:

Munsch, R. N., & Martchenko, M. (1980). The paper bag princess. Toronto: Annick Press.

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