Dear Mr. Henshaw

Dear Mr. Henshaw, by Judy Blume follows the life of young Leigh Botts as he spends his time writing letters to his favorite author, Mr. Henshaw. He tells Mr. Henshaw of how he does not really have any friends, how his parents are divorced and other issues a child his age might have. Mr. Henshaw writes Leigh back and tells him to keep some sort of journal as if he were writing to a “Pretend Mr. Henshaw.” In the end, his parents meet up for a discussion, but ultimately decide not to get back together.

This very realistic plot is as the textbook puts it, “a slice of life” that readers will really enjoy. Also, the style that makes this book really unique. The diary entries that come in the later part of the book and the overall struggle of Leigh make this a truly wonderful reading experience.

Lesson Plans:

Book Trailer:

Cleary, B., & Zelinsky, P. O. (1983). Dear Mr. Henshaw. New York: W. Morrow.

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