How They Croaked

Everyone has gotta die sometime. But just how crazy can some people croak? This book showcases the death of 19 famous people and the crazy ways they have left us. Full of fun illustrations and interesting information, this book is sure to keep any reader intrigued.

Evaluation Criteria: Organization. This book organizes the information it gives by giving us a table of contents with the name of the person whose death they will be describing, and a funny subheading that goes with that person or there death. Throughout the book we have visual aides like graphs and funny illustrations of the people. Like any well organized book, we have the index, sources, and further reading.

Lesson Plans:

Book Trailer:

Bragg, G., & O’Malley, K. (2011). How they croaked: The awful ends of the awfully famous. New York: Walker &.

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