Good Masters! Sweet Ladies!: Voices from a Medieval Village

A great historical fiction novel by Amy Laura Schlitz gives us an insight at not just one character, but a total of 22! The setting is an English village back in 1255. Now you don’t see a historical fiction novel set in that date very often now. Another unique twist we see here is the style it is written in. We have some of the stories written as poems or as essays. The characters are all young people with their own story to tell. What makes this more interesting is that students can see how much different life was back then when they compare it today’s modern life. We have a story of a beggar, a young girl who has to take care of her siblings amidst their very pregnant step-mother, or a boy who is trying to seem worthy by going hunting. In the end though, they all either come through with what they were trying to do, or learn a lesson in the end. Even though the time period is completely different, they still learn lessons that live through today.

Lesson Plans:

Book Trailer:

Schlitz, L. A., & Byrd, R. (2007). Good masters! Sweet Ladies!: Voices from a medieval village. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick Press.

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