Comics Squad: Recess!

This tribute to classic Sunday comics brings a bunch of famous cartoonists together to put together an anthology of hilarious stories set in the school yard. This book is guaranteed to make you laugh!

Evaluative Criteria: Characters and Style. This graphic novel has many popular comic names attached to it. It is well written, clever, and funny. One of the things that make it stand out so much are the characters. Not only are there many characters young readers can relate to, like the boy trying to become part of the Super Ninja Club, there are also some fantasy aspects in these comics. Like Dogman, a talking dog. Talking animals are a huge part of what makes a fantasy novel. Then there is the style of the book. The language is clearly written for younger audiences and the way the book is drawn and setup makes for an interesting fantasy book.

Lesson Plans:

Book Trailer:

Krosoczka, J., Yang, G. L., Wight, E., Holm, J. L., Holm, M., Vernon, U., . . . Pilkey, D. (2014). Comics Squad: Recess! Random House Books for Young Readers.

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