Koala Lou

Summary: Koala Lou is just loved by her mom. Koala Lous mother constantly reminds her how much she loves her. But before they know it, Koala Lous mother has so many children, that she forgets to tell Koala Lou how much she loves her. So to win her moms love back, Koala Lou enters the Bush Olympics. Will she succeed in winning back her mothers love?

Cultural Markers: Mem Fox is an Austalian writer and you can tell with her book. Our main character, Koala Lou, is a koala, an animal native to Australia. In the illustrations, you can see other animals native to Australia as well, including emus, kangaroos, kookaburras, and other marsupials. Once in the Olympics, Koala Lou has to climb a gum tree, which is full of eucalyptus, which is what Koalas eat. There also seems to be more of a rural setting, which is a very common setting in the vastness that is Australia.

Personal Reflections: This childrens book can appeal to many young readers because of the connection and love we see between Koala Lou and her mother. Many young readers can also relate to their mother “spreading the love” as their family becomes bigger. I was a bit surprised that Koala Lou did not win the race, but the fact that her mother still loves her regardless is what really makes this a good childrens book.

Review Excerpts: “A first-rate choice for bedtime, story hour, or reading aloud.”–The Horn Book

From Publishers Weekly
Fox’s two new books join Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge as perfect examples of why the Australian writer has become one of today’s top authors of children’s books.

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Fox, M.(1994). Koala Lou. Ill. by P. Lofts.  HMH Books for Young Readers. ISBN: 0152000763


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