Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are social media giants in this technological world. As an educator, one must learn to use these social media sites to ones advantage.

As I logged on to my Facebook, I typed “school library” in the search bar. The first thing to come up was actually my own schools library Facebook page, entitled “Fred Roberts Middle School Library.”I clicked on the link to see what was posted on the page and I noticed mostly links on school events, like the current library schedule. There were of course, photos of students in the library reading and using maker stations. Furthermore, there were posts on evens happening at the local public library, like author meet and greets. Unfortunately, I did not see many comments or active visitors. After I was done on this Facebook page, I moved on to the next school on my search results, Hogg Middle School. This was a strange suggestion, because I expected the results to be schools in my district, but I had never heard of this school. This school posted mostly photos of students participating in the library. There was also a link on a summer reading list. This Facebook page seemed more active than the first one I explored. Some clear advantages of using Facebook for your library is that you can promote events to parents who follow your page. It also helps the parents to see their child participating in the school library. But some disadvantages are the fact that it is difficult to keep everything you post private and posting pictures of students which some parents do not approve of.

Next, I went to my Twitter account and started following some big names in educational technology. A bit of a confession, I had never really used Twitter until now. And I am exploring it, I could say that you learn a lot from the people on here. Some of the few posts that stood out to me were this post from Gwyneth Jones that discusses a new maker space (@GwnyethJones) for the library. Maker Spaces are huge for my school, and this is one I definitely would like to try. I also like how @jimlerman is constantly posting links on new and free technology both students and teachers can use in the classroom.

Between the two, I feel like Facebook would be the easier one to use for both students and especially parents. To me, Twitter is more for the educator because you could follow practically any other educator and constantly share information with everyone.




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