Six of Crows

Summary: Six of Crows is the story of six people getting together for a heist. At the heart of the group, is the main character, Kaz Brekkar. Kax Brekkar has been tasked with stealing the creator of a mysterious product known as jurda parem, and in return he gets a very big sum of money and he will get revenge for the loss of his brother.  In order to pull this off, he meets up with his five trusted companions to help him. This fantasy young adult novel is full of twists and an exciting adventure that will make everyone fall in love with this book.

Strengths: This book falls under the category of “fantasy,” and this book does a great job of meeting the criteria in our textbook for fantasy novels. For starters, the characters all believable in their own way. Though there are supernatural elements in the storyline, no character has an extremely off the wall personality. And they are motivated by basic human need. For example, our main character, Kaz, is motivated to complete this task by not only money, but also for revenge. Both of these motives will be believable in even a non-fiction story.

Connections to Textbook: This book has won the award of Amazon Best Book of October 2015. There are also a vast amount of literary elements in the text that come from our textbook besides the obvious protagonist and setting.  For example, the theme of the story. The theme for this story does explore a universal truth. There are rivalries and wars between different governments and people, something all too common in a lot of young adult novels these days. And of course the setting of the underground criminal world just improves the suspenseful tone and mood of the heist and the overall fantasy world.

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