Annie on my Mind

Summary: Annie on my Mind is the story of two teenage girls living in New York City who start out as friends. But that friendship soon blossoms to love, and since this is 1982, that is going to create a problem for these two girls. They may come from different backgrounds, but together they will fight for their love against their disapproving family and the school board. Will their love prevail in this tough time period?

Strengths: This book is realistic fiction with a hint of romance and to top it all off, it even became a banned book due to the theme of homosexuality between the two girls. As a realistic novel, it meets the criteria of being consistent with the real world. I was not alive in 1982, but from what I have read in this book, people were not as approving of homosexual relationships as they are today, so I believe that the struggle these two girls go through is all the realistic according to the time period. With that in mind, the theme of homosexuality and the two girls having to hide it is all the real not just back then, but even in todays society, many teenagers are still afraid to come out to everyone. This book may have been written almost 35 years ago, but it still stays true today.

Connections to Textbook: This book follows two teenage girls who are developing a taboo relationship. According to the developmental stages of Havighurst, these teenage girls are learning to “define their appropriate sex roles.” This is big for this book and the overall development of teenagers because of the attraction to the same sex , which was seen as a disease in that time. One could also say that these girls on their way to developing according to Maslows Hierarchy of Needs. They are being pulled back and forth with wanting to reach Love/Belonging, but are being dragged down to Safety because they are scared of how people will react to their relationship.

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Garden, N. (1982). Annie on my mind. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux.


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