Blogs and Blog Readers

Out of all the feed readers that are available, I chose to go with the Newsblur app. Essentially, all these apps and sites have the same goal, to highlight what has been recently uploaded to your favorite, or most visited sites. To me, Newsblur stood out from the other ones for a few reasons. The first being that it is free to use… but of course, if you wish to use it at full capacity, it is gonna cost you 24 dollars a year, which really isn’t that bad. Another reason I prefer this one is because it is available for many devices, not just the web. You can use it for both IOS and Andriod.  I enjoy the simplicity of it. You can subscribe to any website and you can organize content into different folders. The most interesting feature is the “sophisticated filtering.” You can choose what you are most interested in, and over time, it learns what you want to see. And finally, it lets you share things not just through the app, but it lets you share through social media, which is a huge advantage to me as a librarian.

To coincide with this assignment, I went ahead and created my own Tumblr, which can be found here: . I also went ahead and started following a few important blogs.

The first blog I decided to follow was Librarian Problems. We all need a little humor in our lives, and this blog shows classic scenarios that librarians go through on a daily basis and gives the perfection reaction gifs to those scenarios.

The next blog I decided to follow was Books-Quoted. This particular blog caught my attention because it simply posts pictures of books and along with those pictures comes a quote or two. I feel like adding book quotes is a great way to send a message of what that book could be about and it could interest people wanting to read the book.

The third blog I am following is the Tumblr for the American Library Association. This blog keeps you up to date with the happenings of the library world. And what better place to get your information from than the main source itself?

The fourth blog I started to follow was the Library Journal. I followed this credible tumblr because it gives great information on not only what is going on in the library world, but it is also full of technology for libraries, podcast, and book reviews.

The last blog I decided to follow was Children Book Reviews. This blog is a review blog specifically for children books. If I am going to be a school librarian, it will be good to follow someone who has experience with reviewing children’s books so I myself can become more knowledgeable of the books.


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