Lily and Dunkin

Summary: Lily and Dunkin is a unique novel in the sense that we are following two teenagers who are very different, but at the same time have many similarities. Timothy was born a boy, but deep inside, knows that she is a girl and would rather be called Lily. Norbert has bipolar disorder and also dislikes the name Norbert, so he insists in being called Dunkin, for his love of Duncan Donuts. One day, their two paths cross and their begins a true friendship based on their differences. However things become complicated when Dunkin joins the basketball team with a bunch of people that pick on Lily, who herself is struggling to tell the world who she really is. Will friendship prevail in this story?

Strengths: This novel is considered realistic fiction due to the believable characters and their very believable struggle. Norbert is struggling with a mental illness and Lily is struggling with being transgender. Both of these issues stand strong with todays world, which is why this story has had such a huge impact on todays readers. The book does have all the aspects of a realistic fiction story. Two believable protagonist and a struggle which people can relate to.

Connections to Text: According to Havighursts developmental stages, our two protagonists fall right into a few of these. Mainly with Lily, the developmental stages we are seeing is “easy relationship with the opposite sex,” as Lily and Dunkin become good friends. One of the biggest themes of this book goes with one of the stages, which is “defining appropriate sex roles.” Lily seems to be having trouble with this one because she is still struggling with being accepted as a woman. Both Lily and Dunkin are having difficulties with “adapting to physical bodies,” because of Dunkins mental disorder, he cannot truly be himself and Lily being transgender is still having trouble with adapting to who she is.

Other Connections: Book Trailer  Similar Books   Lesson Plans

Gephart, D. (2016). Lily and Dunkin. NY: Delacorte


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