Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future

Summary: Protagonist Glory’ O Brien has just graduated from high school. Now, she’s not quite sure what to do next. She is still grieving from her mothers suicide, so Glory and her father, still have to go through coping with that. One day, while out with her friend, she drinks bat ashes and starts having visions of the future. When she starts piecing these glimpses together, she realizes that they are about to face a civil war because little by little, women’s rights begin to be stripped away. Can she use these visions to stop the war torn future she is seeing?

Strengths: When I first read the title, I expected this book to be either historical fiction, or modern fiction. Turns out I was mistaken and the book actually has fantasy elements in it. Glory and her friend drink bat ashes and start having glimpses of the future. Despite, the fantasy element, the characters are still believable and especially relatable. Glory is still in grief over her mothers suicide and is also indecisive about her future, a trait we see in many teenagers today. Even the theme of womens rights stays true to todays world.

Connections to text: This book may have fantasy elements, but the main protagonist is still a teenager and is still developing as a person. One of Havighursts developmental stages states that teenagers have a “changing relationship with parents.” This hits right at home for Glory, but not in the traditional way. Her mother has passed and her father is in mourning, so she would not go through this process as normally as other teenagers. An interesting takeaway from this book is that there is no actual love interest that the plot centers on, something very uncommon for todays young adult novels.

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King, A. (2014). Glory O’Brien’s history of the future. New York: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.


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