An infographic is a visual chart that usually represents some sort of data or information. According to Troutner, these can range from “timelines, annotated maps, graphs, Venn diagrams, to flow charts, and more.” (Feb. 2011). I researched and explored three different websites for creating infographics, and though these websites have similar goals in helping you create infographics, they have great differences.

screenshot-2’s overwhelming templates can make things uneasy for beginners.

The first website I looked through was This may not sound like a big deal, but I really liked their slogan, which is “Have Fun, Create, and Enjoy.” It’s a simple message that conveys what the creation of inforgaphics is all about. Like many websites, there are two types of memberships. A free membership, and a paid one, which they call “Pro.” Even though, I signed up for a simple free membership, there are still a lot of templates to choose from. Something I do not like about this site, is that I don’t really think it is for beginners. When I click on a template, it gives me many options, but it feels a bit too overwhelming if you don’t know what you are doing.

Infogr.ams limited options put it at the bottom of my list.

The next website I took a look at is called, and in all honestly, my least favorite of the three. It was simple to create an account and they give you a pretty decent tutorial, but the website itself, seems so bland. This site also has an option for a paid membership, which I hope is well worth it, because the free membership does not give you many options. Yes, it is easy to navigate, but that’s probably because there just isn’t that much to navigate.

Piktocharts many options and vivid website make it my top choice.

The last site that I researched was also my favorite, and the one that I used to create my personal infographic with, Piktochart. Just like with the other two, there is a paid membership option, but I personally don’t think it’s all that necessary. The templates are diverse, and when you click on one, it gives you a great tutorial and even some tips as you are working along. Even the website itself is quite appealing. Just going on it and you know that you are about to have a lot of fun creating your inforgraphic.

Here is the infograph I have created using Piktochart. I really love history and I thought this would be the perfect chance for me to create something for the American Revolution.



Troutner, J. (2011, February). Be Creative with Info-Graphics. Teacher Librarian, 38(3). Retrieved October 11, 2016, from EbscoHost.

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