A Girl in Pieces

Summary: This “diary” written by Isabel Quintero tells us the story of high school senior, Gabi Hernandez. The book is written in the form of a diary kept Gabi as she chronicles her senior year. Gabi herself is going through some typical teen issues. First of all, he best friend Cindy ends up being pregnant. Then she finds out her guy friend Sebastian has been kicked out of his house for coming out to his parents. But Gabi herself is having some problems as well. She is dealing with being in relationships and sex itself. She also has a problem with her fathers addiction to meth, and the fact that she just wants to move away for college and experience her life instead of the “good girl” life her mom wants for her.

Strengths: This novel, though written as a journal, is still considered to be realistic fiction. It is consistent to todays world because everything about the story is quite believable. The characters and their struggles are things many teenagers today can relate to. From Cindys pregnancy (and how she got pregnant) to Sebastians family kicking him out, to all the struggles that Gabi is going through. There are many themes that we can relate to in the real world. One that stands out is the issue of rape. Cindy finds out that her friend was raped by her boyfriend, German, and that Cindy refuses to go to the police because she doesn’t think she has a case. There is also the issue of drug abuse in Gabis family and how it effects them. This whole story may have some humor to it, but the issues are very real.

Connections to Textbook: Gabi is a senior in high school and despite going through some major life issues, still is developing as a teen. Havighurts developmental stages come to mind as one reads through the book. Gabi is experiencing ways to define appropriate sex roles, regardless of what her own family thinks. Gabi is also having an issue with adapting to physical body, as she is called “gordita,” or fatty, and her eating habits are sometimes criticized. Still, she comes to terms with these struggles, showing that she is able to get through these stages in her own way.

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Quintero, I. (2014). Gabi: A girl in pieces. TX: Cinco Puntos


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