Podcasts are a great way to integrate technology in the classroom. An idea that came to me was to use it as a preparation for a debate. What I did was I used the podcast to read the information concerning the topic, and then told students that they must choose a side, create a podcast to voice their argument, and then upload so I can see it. I used Soundcloud to upload it because it seemed the easiest to use out of all the options. All I had to was create my account and I was able to record and upload within minutes.

Podomotic also seemed simple enough to use, but I had to upload from my own computer and not record on the site. The other one, Audioboom, was just not very good. I created an account and clicked on “Get Started” but that took me nowhere. I’ve explored the site many times and still have no clue how to start a podcast on it.

Podcasts are great to use in the classroom. You can use them like I just did as a way of giving instructions and for students to present any work. Another way it can help is if you have a lot of students who have the testing accommodation of having oral administration, you can just record yourself reading the test once, and the students can follow the podcast at their own pace. Of course, you do have to be careful with podcasts. You have to make sure students don’t misuse it or upload anything inappropriate. More importantly, you don’t want them or yourself to start relying just on podcasts and nothing else.


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