Code Name Verity

Summary: Code Name Verity is the story of two spies during World War II. The book starts off with them riding together on a plane on a mission. But then the plane crashes and two girls Julie, or Verity, her code name, and Maddie are separated. Verity is taken in by Nazi spies and Maddie is left for dead. As a captured spy, Verity is being tortured by her captives for information. Meanwhile, Maddie, who survived the crash, joins another group of resistance fighters and tries to save Verity. Soon, both their paths meet again, but will we get a happy reunion, or will their missions intervene?

Strengths: Since the setting of this book is World War II, this book is considered historical fiction. A lot of the places in the story are fictional however, like the town of Ormaie. As I was reading the book, I expected some famous historical figures to show up, but all the characters in the story are fictional. Regardless, the author does a great job with giving you the sense that it is the 1940s. The characters themselves were realistic as well. Though one wouldn’t think there were many female spies back then, the character Verity portrays one quiet well without falling into any of the stereotypes that women fall into, like a needless love triangle.

Connections to Text: When writing this book, the author did a great job with portraying literary elements. For starters, we have well defined protagonists, Julie and Maddie. Then we have the clearly defined antagonists, the Nazi army holding Julie as a hostage. The conflict is clear, and I don’t just mean the conflict of war. I mean the conflict between the characters. Julie is captured and tortured, and Maddie has to make the ultimate choice to defend her country. This is a dark time, and the mood throughout the story reflects that. There is not much humor, but a more serious tone throughout the book.

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Wein, E. (2012). Code name Verity. New York: Hyperion.


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