November 9

November 9: A Novel by [Hoover, Colleen]

Summary: Ben and Fallon were two people that fate brought together. One day, as Fallon is getting ready to move across the country, their paths meet. And from there it seemed as if it were love at first sight. They spend the day together and as the day comes to an end, they promise to meet up once a year on the ninth of November. As the years pass, they grow and mature, but they always keep their promise to meet up once a year. With the sparkling romance comes a twist that no one was prepared for and it is going to be the ultimate test to their love.

Strengths: This new adult book falls into the categories of realistic fiction as well as what I have seen described as “new age romance.” The criteria for realistic fiction says that a book has to be consistent with our real world, more specific, in how the people are behaving. This book is a romance novel, there is no doubt about that, and one could say that the two characters are stereotypical “boy and girl” that end up falling in love. But what makes this book come out on top is that both Ben and Fallon actually have personalities and as the book goes on, they grow and learn from not only each other, but the world around them. The twist at the end may have been a bit of a stretch with the whole reasoning to him lighting the car on fire, but still realistic, which is where this book succeeds.

Connections to Text: When the book first starts, Ben and Fallon are already 18, which means that they have already gone through most of their teenage years. But we can still see them reaching those final stages of development throughout the story. I can make the connection to Havighurst’s stages and say that they have gone through most of these like “working for pay” and “an easy relationship with the opposite sex.” Well, not so easy because they are going through their own hardships, just like almost every person in a relationship.

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Hoover, C. (2015). November 9. New York: Atria Paperback.

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