Final Reflection

As I spent my semester in this class, I learned about how to use technology in the education world. My views expanded on some that I had limited thoughts on (like Instagram and Youtube) and I learned how to completely use new ones (like info graphics and podcasts.) I am excited to try pretty much everything that we have learned in the classroom. But if I had to choose one that I feel I will benefit the most of, I would have to say is properly using any social media like Facebook and Instagram. In the library, I want not just the students and staff, but the entire community to know what is going on in our school library. I believe that if properly used, Facebook and Instagram pages for the school library will get kids excited to come and spend time in here and it will help parents know what is going on in the school as well, like if there is a book fair going on, or a book club meeting. But of course, all the other media outlets I learned about, like QR Codes, Screencasts, and Cartoons and Comics will have excellent uses in the classroom.

The thoughts of Jen Hatmaker is an interesting and very true mindset when it comes to teaching how to use technology in the classroom. She says that regardless of how much you know, you have to listen to what THEY know and work from there. I think a lot of people out there (myself included) always forget this when they are teaching someone something new about technology. We are the educators, and we need to know the needs of those we are teaching.

Adapted from Hatmaker, J. (2015). For the love: Fighting for grace in a world of impossible standards. Nashville, TN: Nelson Books.


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