It’s Perfectly Normal

Summary: It’s Perfectly Normal is a nonfiction book… well…. more like a guide. It has information on teenagers ever changing bodies and of course their attractions to the opposite sex. There is alot of talk in the book over sex and the reproductive system as well. And of course, just as it discusses sex, it goes well in depth over what happens AFTERWARDS. Full of illustrations and helpful information, this book shows teenagers everywhere that “It’s Perfectly Normal.”

Strengths: According to our readings, what makes a good non-fiction text is how accurate the information is and how well organized it is. This book is a prime example how a well organized non-fiction book. The table of contents divides the book beginning with an introduction, moving on to Part 1 on “What is Sex?” to Part 6 on “Staying Healthy.” Throughout the book we also have visual aides and comics to better flow the material and to make it simple and fun to read. And lastly, we have a well organized index and bibliography.

Connections to Text: One might not consider this as “Young Adult Literature.” Because well, it’s not. It’s Young Adult Nonfiction, or like I stated earlier, it’s more of a guide.  And our video that discusses “Adolescent Development” goes hand in hand with this book. Although our lecture considers all sorts of development, not just physical, but emotional and cognitive as well, this book most talks about physical changes.

Other Connections: Book Trailer  Similar Books  Lesson Plans

Harris, R. (2009). It’s perfectly normal. Boston, MA: Candlewick Press



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